About Ginger

Specially selected tender ginger, 100% hand-cut, no artificial colors, no additives. 
Enjoy the delicious balance of slightly spicy and sweet with distinct aromatic flavor that hit all your taste buds.
The perfect snacks for young and the elderly.

Excellent quality, hot sale in Europe for more than 20 years. 
Eight consecutive years of the world’s most famous organic certification.

8 Health Benefits of Ginger

Good effect

(1) prevent tiredness、anti-aging

(2) improve sleeping quality and stain

(3) warm stomach, increase appetite

(4) blood circulation

(5) as well as metabolism

(6) improve immunity, expel pathogenic cold

(7) reduce female cycle discomfort

(8) relieve nervousness and stress

Suggestions : expect 2 or 4 dices every day.